Act One
The cast is rehearsing for "Hannibal." A little while later, Carolotta, 
the lead soprano singer, begins to sing, but is cut off by a scream as a 
backdrop crashes to the ground.
Carlotta leaves. They now needed someone to sing the role since there 
was an understudy. Christine Daae tries for the part and gets to sing it 
at the gala, which was a great success (Think of Me).
Later, she is in her dressing room room with Meg Giry and she tells her 
about her father (Angel of Music). Then Madame Giry comes in and hands 
Christine a note as Meg has to leaves to dance.
Raoul comes in and they remember eachother from childhood. He leaves to 
get his belongings and Christine hears the Phantom's voice coming from 
behind her mirror. She is hypnotized by his voice and the Phantom takes 
her into the mirror.
Christine and the Phantom are in a boat going slowly across an 
undergroundlake surrounded by candles (The Phantom of the Opera) to the 
Phantom's lair.
The following morning, the Phantom tells her why she has come. He takes 
her to a large mirror and there's an image of herself with a wedding 
gown on (The Music of the Night). She faints and the Phantom catches 
The next morning, Christine wakes up and is still in a half-trance. The 
Phantom is playing at his organ in deep concentration. She manages to 
take off his mask out of curiousity and the Phantom gets angry. He cools 
down and takes his mask back. Then they leave to go back into the 
Joseph Buquet has a rope as the Punjab lasso and is showing it off to 
the ballet girls how to protect youself from it by putting his hand 
between his neck and the nose.
Suddenly a trap door opens in the stage. The Phantom and Christine come 
out. The Phantom stares at Buquet for a moment, then leaves with 
Christine. Madame Giry sees them and tells Joseph Buquet to be quiet 
about it or he'd be sorry.
Firmin is reading the newspaper articles when Andre comes in angrily. 
Then he finds two notes from the Phantom and gives one to Andre. Both 
letters were signed O. G. (Opera Ghost) and they didn't like it. Raoul 
and eventually Carlotta burst in with more of the Phantom's notes.
The managers were getting tired of all this notes when Madame Giry and 
Meg enter with yet another note. In it, the Phantom told them that 
Carlotta should play the role as the Pageboy in their next production 
called "Il Muto" as the part was silent while Christine should be given 
the part of Countess.
There is a loud discussion and finally, the managers anounce Christine 
will be the Pageboy and Carlotta will be playing the Countess. Carlotta 
thought the managers were only saying that to make her happy, so they 
try to convince her otherwise (Prima Donna).
Later, Raoul sits in Box Five with the managers to watch "Il Muto." 
During the middle of the performance, the Phantom's voice is heard. 
Christine muttered something and Carlotta told her that her that she was 
a toad. The Phantom heard this and told Carlotta that she was a toad.
The performance starts to continue where it left off, but instead of 
singing, Carlotta starts to croak like a toad. The Phantom thinks it's 
funny and laughs hysterically.
Then Joseph Buquet's body falls onto the stage. Chaos. Christine gets 
Raoul and she takes him to the roof, thinking they'll be safe.
Raoul doesn't understand why she brought him there. She confesses to him 
that she's been to the Phantom's lair and has seen his face, which 
terrified her. Raoul eventually comforts her (All I Ask of You) and 
admits he loves her. Then they hurry off.
The Phantom was hidden behind the statue (where he was eavesdropping on 
their conversation) and emerges. He thinks how Christine has betrayed 
him. Later at the opera house, he makes the chandelier fall.

Act Two
Six months later, a masquerade ball is held (Masquerade) and Christine 
and Raoul are engaged. She wears the ring on a gold chain on her neck, 
but Raoul doesn't understand why.
The Phantom appears at the top of the stairs, dressed in an elaborate 
red costume (called Red Death). All is quiet. He tells them that he has 
written them an opera called "Don Juan Triumphant".
The Phantom motions Christine to come to him and she does, in a 
mesmerized-like way. He takes the necklace that held the engagement ring 
off her neck and disappears.
Later, Raoul asks Madame Giry, who he knew was hiding something from 
everyone else. She said that a long time ago, there was a traveling fair 
and that she saw a man in a cage. He was a musician and an inventor, yet 
was deformed from birth. Eventually he escaped and wasn't found so they 
thought he was dead, but he wasn't . . .
Andre looks through the score of "Don Juan Triumphant" and doesn't like 
it. Firmin received two notes from the Phantom about getting rid or 
needing people, which apparently annoyed him.
Carlotta and Piangi enter angrily, also with notes. Later, Raoul and 
Christine come in. Carlotta accused Christine of being behind all of 
this. Next comes Meg and Madame Giry with a note from the Phantom which 
had a few instructions about how to run his production of "Don Juan."
Raoul mentions his idea to end the Phantom's reign to the managers and 
they become excited. There's a loud discussion for a few moments that is 
quieted by Christine. She's frightned of not knowing what to expect next 
from the Phantom.
Later, they are rehearsing for "Don Juan Triumphant" with several 
mistakes. The piano started playing by itself, only correctly. Everyone 
started to sing automatically after that and Christine takes the 
opportunity to leave.
Christine went to a cemetary to visit her father's graveyard 
(Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again). 
Then the Phantom comes out from behind the 
a cross and starts to sing. She becomes trance-like from his voice.
Raoul had followed her and cries out to the Phantom. She comes out of 
her trance and goes to Raoul. The Phantom begins to shoot fire and Raoul 
starts to walk toward him as he shot more fireballs. He is almost at the 
Phantom's feet, but Christine runs and pushes Raoul away.
On the night of "Don Juan Triumphant" and the Chief Fire Officer is 
talking with two firemen. Raoul tells a marksman in a pit to aim at Box 
Five, where the Phantom sits and to shoot there to kill. The chief blows 
his whistle and the firemen scatter to their places to lock the opera 
house up, hoping to keep the Phantom out.
The Phantom says that he was there already in the house. The firemen 
begin to follow the voice from place to place. Then it is heard from Box 
Five. The marksman in the pit shoots and Raoul gets mad.
During the last scene, Don Juan goes to a bed and the Punjab Lasso has 
killed Piangi, who was playing as Don Juan. The Phantom takes his place 
(The Point of No Return).
At the end of the number, the police realize Piangi is dead behind the 
curtain. The Phantom takes a ring from his finger and holds it out to 
Christine. She takes it and puts it on her finger.
Just as he is about done, Christine removes the Phantom's mask and 
everyone sees his face. The Phantom takes his cloak and wraps it around 
her. They vanish.
Chaos (again). Madame Giry tells Raoul that she knows where the Phantom 
and Christine are, but reminds him to keep his hand at the level of his 
eyes to protect himself from the Punjab lasso.
The Phantom and Christine are in the boat, going across the lake. In the 
distance, there is a mob coming after him.
Raoul and Madame Giry are making their way down and they pass a pack of 
rats. Then they come to the lake and she tells Raoul that he lives 
across it. Raoul dives into the water and swims as she heads back up the 
A dummy of Christine sits on a throne. The Phantom drags Christine out. 
The Phantom takes the bridal veil from the dummy and places it on 
Christine's head.
Suddenly, the Phantom knows Raoul's presence as he climbs out of the 
water. Moments later, he takes the Punjab lasso and before Raoul has 
time to protect himself, it's around his neck. The end of the rope hangs 
suspended in mid-air. The Phantom gives Christine a choice of either 
living with him to free Raoul or leave him and Raoul dies.
The Phantom grows impatient and asks Christine to make her choice. She 
thinks for a moment, then kisses him on the lips.
The Phantom takes a candle and burns the rope, freeing Raoul. The 
Phantom tells them as the mob comes closer and closer to leave by the 
boat and forget everything they saw.
The Phantom looks at his mask and the music box starts up somehow and he 
listens intently.
Christine comes back and give him her ring, as if something to remember 
her by. The Phantom tells her he loves her. She hurries off. He places 
the ring on his finger.
The Phantom looks as she is leaving. He then walks to his throne and 
sits on it. He wraps his cloak around himself and disappears.
Meg, leading the mob, reaches his throne and picks up the Phantom's 


Phantom of the Opera
All I Ask of You
All I Ask of You/ Music of the Night
By: Bryan
Angel of Music
Music of the Night
Point of No Return
Prima Donna
Think of Me
Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
By: Zubin Sethna

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