Jason Olson's Synopsis The story begins as young Mary Lennox is brought up to bed during a party and the next morning awakes to find that everybody except her has died from cholera. She is sent away to her Uncle Archibald's gloomy mansion in England. There she has nobody to play with, talk to, or have fun with. Her Uncle Archibald is still mourning the death of his beautiful wife Lily who died over ten years ago. There is also Mrs. Medlock the stern no-nonsense housekeeper, and Neville Craven, Archie's brother. The only person who has shown Mary some kindness is the maid, Martha, who explains that if you look hard enough there is always something to do. She also learns of Martha's brother Dickon. Outside she find Ben, the gardener who tells her about Miss Lily's garden and that Mary may not go in there or she could be sent away by her uncle. She then finds Dickon who tells her about the Robin protecting the Garden and how to talk to the bird. Dickon leaves and Mary, who is waiting for Martha to come outside, accidentally discovers the key to the garden but cannot find the door. The next day she ask her Uncle for one gift, A Bit of Earth. He agrees to that and also that she will not be sent away to a school. Later that night a storm comes and Archibald and Neville sing the beautiful deut, Lily's Eyes. Mary is having trouble sleeping , because of the storm and also because somebody is crying. She goes to investigate and finds Colin Craven, her ten-year-old cousin. Through the years Colin has become selfish and rude, but caring in a special way. He tells Mary of a Round-Shouldered Man (Archibald, because he is a hunchback). Before Mary and Colin can become acquainted Mrs. Medlock and Neville Craven rush inside the door and reprimand Mary harshly and warn her never to see Colin again, or she will be sent away. Mary, heartbroken, races out into to the storm and sees a vision of her Aunt Lily pointing her to the doorway into the garden, and Act 1 comes to an end after Mary enters the Garden. Act 2 begins on Mary's birthday as she thinks back to her last birthday when she had somebody to talk to. She finds Dickon again and tells him the garden is dead, but Dickon convinces her to take a close look at it, clears away the dead roots, stirs the soil, and explains that everything is Wick (Scotish term meaning life). Mary starts working hard to bring the garden back to life. Later at the house Archibald announces he is leaving for Paris, and that Mary may be sent to a school if Neville wishes. Saying goodbye to a sleeping Colin he leaves quickly. Mary, hearing Colin screaming again, calms him down, he was mad that she talked to Dickon instead of him. Mary announces that she has found the Secret Garden of his mother, but Colin is afraid that if he goes outside he will catch cold and die. Mary leaves and Colin is visited by the ghostly image of his mother, She convinces him to go outside into the garden and he will become strong once again. We then see Mary, Dickon, Martha, and Colin sneaking into the Garden. They sings Come Spirit, Come Charm, praying for Colin to be able to walk again and become strong. Their charm works and Colin walks once again. Ben storms in to investigate the intruders and is astounded to see Colin, and finds out the reason Archibald does not like to see Colin, during Lily's death Colin was born and it sapped her strength until she died. Colin looks so much like his Aunt Lily. In the funniest scence in the play, Neville has Mrs. Winthrop of the Aberdeen school for girls visiting. She explains to Mary that she would be happy at there school, but is appalled to see Mary's tantrum toward her, and storm out of the house. Neville, quite upset, tells her to stay away from Colin before she kills him from overexertion. Mary races back to her room in despair. Martha comforts her and tells her she must finish her mission and write to her Uncle in Paris and tell him to come home. Archibald recieve the letter and is in despair about going back because Mary looks like his wife Lily. Lily visits him and tells him she didn't mean to hurt him and that he should come home to the garden. Out in the garden Mary and Colin are playing along with Dickon, Martha, and Ben when Archibald, Neville, and Mrs. Medlock come into the garden. These three are all astounded to see Colin out and running in the garden. Archibald is no longer bothered by the death of Lily and promises Mary that as long as she will have him, she has a home. All the ghosts from Mary's past disappear and everybody is one happy family as we fade out on Act 2. The Secret Garden is a wonderful play that would make a hard but good high school musical. The music is absolutely breathtaking.


A Bit of Earth
By: Kelson Vibber
The Girl I Mean To Be
Hold On
House Upon the Hill
By: Rob Oullette
I Heard Someone Crying
Lily's Eyes
Round- Shouldered Man
By: David
Where in the World
By: Kelson Vibber
Winter's On The Wing

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