Music by: Andrew Lloyd Webber

Lyrics by: Tim Rice

Opened:  June 21, 1978
at the Prince Edward Theatre, (London) 
and ran for 2,900 performances.

New York Run

Produced by: Robert Stigwood

Directed by: Harold Prince

Choreography by: Larry Fuller

Opened: September 25, 1979 
at the Broadway Theatre, New York 
and ran for 1,567 performances.


The Astress Hasn't Learned the Lines
By: Omega
And the Money Kept Rolling In
By: Omega
The Art of the Possible
By: Omega
Buenos Aires
By: Omega
Don't Cry for Me Argentina
By: Omega
Eva Beware of the City
By: Omega
Eva's Final Broadcast
By: Omega
Goodnight and Thank You
By: Omega
High Flying Adored
By: Omega
I'd Be Suprisingly Good for You
By: Omega
By: Omega
By: Omega
A New Argentina
By: Omega
On the Balcony of the Casa Rosada
By: Omega
On This Night of a Thousand Stars
By: Omega
Rainbow High
By: Omega
Rainbow Tour
By: Omega
Oh what a Circus
By: Omega
Santa Evita
By: Omega
She is a Diamond
By: Omega
Suitcase in Another Hall
By: Omega
Waltz for Eva
By: Eric T. Prentice
Waltz for Eva and Che
By: Omega
You Must Love Me
By: George Shaw
Your Little Body's Slowly Breaking Down
By: Omega

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